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  • 2016 Creative Technology Ltd. Rong Spring Festival Speech
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    Distinguished guests, ladies and staff:

    Hello everyone! When we had a chance to take into account the passage of time when the 2016 Chinese New Year's bell is now here. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year approaching, I would like to company general manager's reputation, to you and your families - to extend my best wishes for the New Year and best regards!

    Today, we have with great joy, here gathered for 2015 with the hardships and achievements and celebrate; full of life and hope for 2016 and blessing.

    Looking back, bit by bit exciting. By 2015, the company developed steadily year, but also the staff members gradually grew year. We work hard, success and setbacks to the company left a footprint of development, it hard to pay to the company left many admirable stories. So, in 2015, the efficiency comes from the passion of the staff, the results belong to the efforts of all staff.

    New in 2016, the company is the development of the most critical year. We need to continue to adhere to market-oriented, strengthen product development efforts, enhance product quality management, reasonable control production costs, the company's products in the market has become more competitive; we also need to "keep fit", internally and externally , continuously expand the market and improve the management of customer service; constantly improve and standardize the management of internal operations, and further a solid foundation.

    Therefore, we need to put the new year as a new starting point, new tasks and new challenges.

    The old year, we are still full of pride, New Year, we are always confident. In 2016 this is challenging and the environment come opportunities, I hope, and I firmly believe that all employees will be down to earth style, indomitable spirit, perseverance, forge ahead in unity, innovative and creative, work continues and create a new realm of carving art, to create a more brilliant, more brilliant tomorrow!

    Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year, Year of the Monkey auspicious and good luck!

    Please filling wine, to meet the new, better tomorrow and Cheers!

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