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    MK series of computer cutting plotter: MK-630

    model            MK630            MK900            MK1200            
    Motherboard            32-bit CPU, 4MB CACHE high-speed memory            
    control panel            Right control, 1602 character LCD display, 13-key membrane keyboard            
    drive            Capstan double high torque motor, micro-step drive            
    Feed Information            Knurled feed axis            
    Origin Location            Bounded system, set any origin            
    Maximum paper width            730mm            1000mm            1300mm            
    Maximum cutting width            635mm            905mm            1205mm            
    Maximum cutting speed            500mm/s            
    Maximum cutting length            Infinite            
    Maximum cutting thickness            1mm            
    Knife pressure            0-500g(Digital adjustment)            
    Mechanical precision            0.05mm            
    Repeatability            0.1mm            
    Pen Category            11.4mm diameter of the various types of water, oil, atomic drawing pen, pen poster            
    Drawing instruction            DMPL / HPGL Automatic Identification            
    interface            Standard RS232 (serial) /USB2.0/SD card            
    power supply            AC110V /220V±10%,50Hz            
    Power            <100W            <120W            
    Operating Environment            Temperature: + 5- + 35, relative humidity 30% -70%            
    Outsourcing size            953*303*303mm            1272*303*373mm            1573*303*373mm            
    Shipping Weight            18KG            32KG            33KG            

    Machine features:            

    1. Precision digital adjustment, sharp corners, closing automatic compensation, with a new micro-step algorithm, so that the same high quality when cutting high-speed cutting. Engraved small print deformation, speed, power, and low noise.            
    2. Better communications, serial port, USB transfer mode select more humane            
    3. Capstan double high torque motor, micro-step drive motor power is diminished, 32-bit CPU, CACHE memory.            
    4. Knife blade pressure adjustment pressure using the digital mode, the operation more flexible.            
    5. knurled shaft feed, cutting position, the paper size is more arbitrary            
    6. The use of advanced aluminum alloy, matte painting, more stylish            
    In advertising posters, window posters, bar blessing, accessories, pendants, key rings, lighters, ornaments, souvenirs, promotional items, gifts, medals, as well as pet identification cards and the like. Is copy typing stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, table d'hote, hotels, pet shops, cultural office supplies stores, offices and other owners of the necessary tools            

    Software support:            
    This supports the vast majority of commercial professional carving software, such as FlexiSign, SignCut, WinPCSIGN etc; acceptable AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW software such as output documents, such as domestic software Wentai, carving master. Similar products in the best machine software compatibility.            
    product description:            
    Mika series plotter can produce beautiful appearance, patterns and text on the stickers affixed stickers, and other paper and various materials. Without the use of artificial cut, print, etc., compatible with various design software, can also support Wentai, carving masters, CorelDRAW direct output, with a variety of figures, animals, flowers and trees and other graphics, and its operation is extremely simple, just like in ordinary use as the printer, simply connect it to your computer first serial port (or USB port) on the corresponding plotting software installed, you can require graphics, logos, pictures and text lined layout, output produced. Built-in switching power supply, more stable overall performance, unique circuit protection design, working from voltage fluctuations, equipment board more stable at a voltage of 180V-250V environment, can work. Advanced design and precision manufacturing of mechanical structure, carved small fonts are not deformed. Knurled shaft precision machining, roller and mechanical drive system, the paper does not guarantee long-distance walk deviation. 4M cache capacity, fast data replication capabilities, improve work efficiency. Strong Adjustable knife pressure and real knife soft landing, whether drawing or carving, can be handy. Real-time speed, voltage regulator, arbitrarily defined origin, emergency stop function, the operation can be adjusted, in time for the sake of users, low noise, consistent song straight-line speed, the curve is more smooth.            
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