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    MS series servo cutting plotter: MS-630

    Motherboard32 Intelligent Systems (dual chip processing)
    control panelRight control, 1602 character LCD display, 10-key keyboard keys silica
    driveDigital control servo motor
    Feed InformationImported high-precision steel barbed shaft
    Origin LocationBounded system, set any origin
    Targeting4:00 L-foot line positioning, automatic patrol red dot point, COR directly generated automatically contour cutting
    Maximum paper width730mm1000mm1300mm
    Maximum cutting width635mm905mm1205mm
    Maximum cutting speed1200mm/s
    Maximum cutting lengthInfinite
    Maximum cutting thickness1mm
    Knife pressure0-1000g(Digital adjustment)
    Mechanical precision0.05mm
    Pen Category11.4mm diameter of the various types of water, oil, atomic drawing pen, pen poster
    Drawing instructionDMPL / HPGL Automatic Identification
    interfaceSerial + USB + U disk output
    power supplyAC110V /220V±10%,50Hz
    Operating EnvironmentTemperature: + 5- + 35, relative humidity 30% -70%
    Outsourcing size953*303*303mm1272*303*373mm1573*303*373mm
    Shipping Weight18KG32KG33KG
    Machine features:
    1. Precision digital adjustment, compensation and closed with sharp corners compensation, advanced curve smoothing operation, using cloth into 16 micro-step algorithm, also has a high-quality product perfectly fine print speed precision cutting.
    2. Better communication, serial port, USB2.0, SD card, TP / IP / WiFi and other transmission more and more convenient.
    3. The red dot detection marker on the digital image is output, COR generated automatically contour cutting (Mark realization contour cutting function.)
    3. Servo drives, faster, lower noise, higher precision, 32-bit high-speed DSP processor, CACHE memory.
    4. Knife blade pressure adjustment pressure using the digital mode, the operation more flexible.
    5. The use of advanced ARM SOPC controller, high-performance intelligent subdivision driving and the use of good performance chip tantalum capacitors. Advanced science and the production process to ensure its high quality and high stability
    6. The imported high-precision steel Needle-bearing feed, cutting position, the paper size is more arbitrary
    7. Using advanced aluminum alloy, matte painting, more stylish
    Logo signs advertising word, electronics, construction mold, clothing plotters, scalding cutting applications contour cutting sticker, adhesive labels, PVC labels, small quantities of hard brush die-cutting industry. Main processing materials (all types of printing stickers, photo paper, PVC stickers, cards, etc.) such as color wall stickers, monochrome, color car stickers, stickers die-cutting, cutting advertising inkjet, thermal transfer mode cutting, electronic materials and other high-end areas.
    Software support:
    This supports the vast majority of commercial professional carving software, such as FlexiSign, SignCut, WinPCSIGN etc; acceptable AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW software such as output documents, such as domestic software Wentai, carving master.
    product description
    MS series is the introduction of high-end configuration Mika servo cutting plotter, with high speed, high accuracy, background noise, strong blade pressure and other functions, the mechanical part of the use of advanced smooth cutting function meticulous precision steel fixing shaft axis to ensure that the paper feed accuracy, independent positioning operating pressure roller, the use of advanced aviation aluminum body, the sheet supply portion stick adjustable double bracket for easy loading different types of media, the electronic part of the CPU using the latest ARM SOPC controller is now available in the market segment of high-performance intelligent drive and the use of good performance chip tantalum capacitors, to ensure the stability and compatibility of the machine, adding more communication, more convenient file transfer in freely. The software part, the red dot automatically patrol edge, contour cutting, truly automatic plotter
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