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  • Mika engraving machine to participate in the 2017 Shanghai international advertising and LED Exhibition
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    Mika engraving machine to participate in the 2017 Shanghai international advertising and LED Exhibition

    Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center

    Time: March 2017 8--11 days

    Booth: A--28

    Shanghai advertising show 2017 Shanghai LED exhibition Shanghai advertising show.2017 advertising equipment exhibition on 2017, 03,, 8, --11

    National Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

    Leading the advertising industry event

    Shanghai international advertising technology and Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai advertising exhibition) is the world's leading brand of Shanghai India exhibition sub brand. In 23 years of development, Shanghai advertising exhibition always adhering to the "professional, innovation, enthusiastic service concept, one-stop business platform to provide high-end exhibitors and buyers, and created many of the global advertising sign industry: exhibition area the most, the most number of exhibitors to showcase the brand, the product type the number of visitors, the participating countries, regions, the turnover of the exhibition......

    In 2015, Shanghai advertising exhibition took the lead in Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, the first international exhibition center. During the exhibition, the exhibition business orders, the scene of the Triumphant news keeps pouring in., hot atmosphere to a climax again; the most cutting-edge technology, the most advanced equipment and materials, the most creative advertising design, large amount of information and technology, dizzying. The strength of the brand with the competition, the mainstream media strong publicity, all kinds of activities full of dry goods, Shanghai advertising show has become a leading global advertising industry event.

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