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  • Enterprise mission - the pursuit of excellence, social return

          To build a world-class enterprise as the goal, to remain walking the road of scientific innovation and development, innovative enterprise management, improve product quality, increase new product development efforts, production and social needs of high-quality, high-tech mechanical products, to build Mika brand boutique projects, the creation of environmentally friendly, high quality social wealth.

          Sincere return to the community, is the best interpretation of the Shenzhen-Innovation and Technology Co., Ltd. all staff actively fulfill their social responsibility, is "Mika brands" reflects the high level of value. Shenzhen-Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. in the realization of interests, adhere to the fruits of development and social sharing, strive for harmony and social development, and constantly promote social progress and economic development, with outstanding achievements return to the community, contributing to society.


    The spirit of enterprise - leading learning beyond

          Learning, that through the efforts of staff to learn and practice, continue to accumulate knowledge and experience, the moment of their knowledge, skills and ideas, etc. to be updated constantly to their own culture will be examining the structure of the past, thereby establishing a new and higher cultural structure , self-improvement and upgrade from self-awareness.

          Beyond that employees continue to improve from the daily learning, to achieve a qualitative leap. Concrete is rediscover themselves, challenge themselves, and thus overcome the self, beyond self, beyond the others ultimately, success. Beyond is a highest level, but also the staff in the learning process of constant self-denial, self-improvement to improve a process, in fact it is an innovative spirit.

           Leading, where employees are constantly learning and innovation process, from individuals and groups continue to advantages and disadvantages, from the sublime to give a qualitative advantage, so way ahead of others in the common progress in the lead.


    Core values - honesty win-win sharing

            That is really loyal integrity, credibility of stress, is the foundation of this enterprise, development of the base. Companies adhere to the integrity as the cornerstone of development, build credibility with the company's flagship, the brand reputation on the top of business, adhering to the customer first, quality first principle, continue to improve product quality and provide quality services, and seeking to establish a trust, harmony social relations, and establish a good corporate image.

            Staff with a high sense of social responsibility, participate in the revitalization of the road machinery manufacturing industry, competition in the market, seeking to develop space, shared with customers, employees, community resources, mutual benefit and achieve common progress and common development.

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